Haval H9 Launch Event
6th Dec 2018

Meet Chef Carney…

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness!” – I do both.

 From spending a year in New York because I wanted to be a chef, spending three years at Silwood training to be a chef, to the journey that lay ahead..

 I’ve always wanted to know everything that goes on in the world, behind the scenes of hospitality. Knowing means you can teach someone else, and helping someone to grow means they can teach you.

 Getting to know the kitchen is like getting to know a woman. It takes your whole life… you are always learning. If you don’t look after her, she will feel ugly. If you neglect her, she will burn you. If you love her, she will love you more. You get dirty together, you clean together. Sure you have argument when the heat is turned up but the beauty that is born from her is from years of getting to know her.

Doing time at a few local favourites to traveling abroad, consulting and private dining, I have had the opportunity to broaden my scope and really grow into the chef I want to be. Creating awareness and cooking great food under the radar has always been good enough for me. Realising your purpose to the guest and filling them with the joy you’ve had creating their experience. That is what it’s about for me.

People would always ask, “what’s your favourite dish to cook?” and I would always say, “breakfast”. But I was much younger then 😉 Food has become more than just a dish now. It’s a relationship with the familiar and the unknown. An exploration of the senses. A respect for your earth and what it produces for you to eat. Knowing that you are responsible for the food you put in someone else’s body and having them trust you to do so with a smile. Telling somebody a story, without even having met them. Bringing people together, hungry every time.

 There is quite a canvas here at Purple Rayn and I hope it serves you well.

Warren Carney – Executive Chef
Purple Rayn Boutique Guest House